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White Bay Window Shutters for Local Business in Southampton

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Southampton Florist Bay Window Shutters

Stylish White Window Shutters for Southampton Local Business

Providing a feeling of quality for a local business in Southampton, we helped transform a bay window and bedroom for Little Lillies florists (or “floral sculptors” as they prefer to be known). Owen and Anna are a lovely couple who run a boutique flower arranging business from their home, and wanted to add a finishing touch to the consultation room.

With potential brides coming in to view arrangements and talking about the possibilities for their weddings, the couple wanted to enhance an already bright room and thought shutters would add to the feeling of quality for their business. With a higher end client-base seeking bespoke flower displays, Owen and Anna wanted a window treatment to add a touch of class to the customer’s experience.

For the main room, the Bay Window shutters were fitted using a bay frame. This choice suited the architecture of the window itself and is ideal for the smaller Victorian splay bays such as this. Bay windows that have more brickwork or space between the glass would normally require the use of individual frames.

Full Height Shutters for Southampton HomeAs the business was based at the couple’s home, we also fitted a full height shutter in the bedroom. As well as providing a uniform finish and adding kerb appeal to the front of the house, this was also styled to match the bay window shutters downstairs.

Speaking to Anna and Owen extensively during their no obligation free survey, we helped them choose design choices to suit their tastes and requirements. 76mm louvres provide a good balance between privacy and light control.

The colour choice of Pure White gave the cleanest finish and suited the aesthetics of the interiors. Centre tilt rods were included to operate the louvres and a mid-rail was added to line up with the existing join on the bay window.

The Antigua range was chosen for the material. This robust MDF material was great for a window of this size, and also suited the couple’s budget allocated for the project.

Interior Shutters Provide Kerb Appeal in SouthamptonThe combination of matching shutters at the front of the property, combined with the lush foliage, presents a really welcoming front for Little Lillies and we are sure they’ll be popular among their customers.

Anna was very complimentary, saying that “We ❤️ it!!!.. thank you so much!! X”. Owen also put a short testimonial on our Facebook wall: “A massive thank you guys… they really are fantastic and a superb finish.”

If you are thinking of transforming your interiors with wonderful new window coverings, then shutters could be for you. Book a free appointment today by clicking here or alternatively call us today on 01962 706072, with no obligation to buy.

Installation Choices

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Bay Window (Consulting Room) / Full Height (Bedroom)
  • Material: Antigua
  • Louvres: 76mm
  • Features: Centre Tilt Rod / Mid-Rail
  • Location: Southampton

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