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Large plantation shutter installation in Ringwood home

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Window Shutters Ringwood New Forest

Large plantation shutter installation in Ringwood home

Helping bring light to a country home in the New Forest, we installed this remarkable configuration of window shutters for a lovely couple living just outside of Ringwood.

Definitely one of the most unique installations we’ve carried out, the shutters include a section of bay window, a side window, as well as for covering the French door which opened out to the patio.

One of the requirements for the shutters was that the client wanted to maximise the view, and enjoy looking at the garden so wanted to be able to bi-fold the panels out of the way. Due to long term illness, the room was primarily used for caring purposes, and so they wanted to be able to enjoy looking at the garden, especially when the weather was nice.

Plantation Shutter Installation RingwoodDue to the French Doors opening out onto the patio, shutters were also desired as they provided easy access to the garden. Although how they looked from the outside was not a requirement from the couple, we still think the completed installation is appealing both inside and out.

The unique configuration of windows and glass doors presented a few technical challenges in terms of surveying and installing. However, working closely with the couple during their free home consultation we worked out the best window shutter solution to meet their needs and design choices.

Based on personal preference, the couple settled on the 63mm louvres, providing a good balance of light control when tilted, as well as Pure White for the colour, to suit the rest of the room’s décor.

Our customers also opted for the Cuba material for the shutters, which combines hardwood panels with durable MDF frames. Cuba was also a good choice for the larger window area, due to the lighter weight panels than the MDF ranges of Antigua and Bermuda.

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Installation Choices

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Full Height / Bay Window
  • Material: Cuba
  • Louvres: 63mm
  • Features: Centre Tilt, Mid-Rail (on Doors)
  • Location: Ringwood, New Forest

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