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Discover Our Shutters

Shutters for windows by Shuttercraft. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or more classic look we have a style to suit every window.

Available in the following colours

  • Taupe Grey (NEW)

  • Sea Mist

  • String

  • French Oak

  • Matte Black

  • Wenge

  • Dark Mahogany

  • Old Teak

  • Red Oak

  • Black Walnut

  • New Ebony

  • Mahogany

  • Cordovan

  • Dark Teak

  • Cherry

  • Oak Mantel

  • Taupe

  • Limed White

  • Weathered Teak

  • Rustic Grey

  • Clay

  • Brown Grey

  • Stone Grey

  • Crisp Linen

  • Pearl

  • Silk White

  • Pure White

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